Photovoltaic power plant

Photovoltaic systems are the most affordable way to use alternative energy. They provide their owners (whether full or partial) independence from energy companies. As a result, you can bring electricity to places where electricity networks have not yet reached, such as cottages, or where they will never reach, such as observation towers.

Our company mainly cooperates with renowned German companies and suppliers who guarantee the quality and reliability of their products.

Electricity generation can also be combined with water preheating.

Each project is handled individually, the photos are only a tasting of completed implementation.

Implementation of own photovoltaic panels

For the needs of a family house with water heating

Installing panels on a flat roof

Illuminating the Bučina observation tower— photovoltaic power plant with energy storage batteries are the source of electricity

Solar panel for hot water on a cottage

Photovoltaic power plant on family homestead

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