Textové pole: Information about the firm

The firm Petr Los was set up by his owner in year 1995. Starting was based on 
Theoretical and practical experiences by some foreign firms.

With majority of these firms was made a contract about partnership.
In this time has the firm 8 permanent and 2 external employees.

In year 2007 was made a contract with technician integrated and economical school in Sokolov about workshop practice for the students.

In year 2008 we was certified from the German school in Lengenfeld for suggestion and engineering in renewable resources. 

Firm activity

The main scope of employment is commission production for automatical control machines or samples for this automatical control machines (for example: for glass, print, or paper industry) and CNC machines including innovation and everything about automation.

Than we cooperate with firm which makes products for water environment like a ultra filtration machines, transfer pumps for drink water, cleaning and control machines for swimming pools.

From year 2008 we make also renewable resources from suggestion, planning, engineering to realizing. For example photovoltaic power plant, solar water heating and water heating pump.

And from year 2009 we projecting electro-energetic ( electricity ) distribution. 

Firm suggestion

We are able to make an complete service offer from concept to realization. We have personal approach to every one our customer. We project the best resolution for you, according your wishes. We use only safe and top components from prestigious producers. Everything we do, we do with a respect to environment.

Here is some examples of our products

Steering drives with the help of frequence changer
Production lines

Products for water environment
Ultrafiltration element for drink water
Transfer pump for drink water

CNC machines
Innovation of CNC steering machine for horizontal milling cutter, before and after innovation


The member of group RICHTER Gruppe. The first cooperation with this firm was already in year 1990, when the owner though about branch establishment in Karlovy Vary (Carl’s bad).
The cooperation is based on supplies of baseplates and final montage control machines for drivers with powerful components and sensors.

RICHTER Steuerungstechnik GmbH
The member of group RICHTER Gruppe. The cooperation is almost same as with the firm RICHTER R&W. But here we mounting complete elements for heat pumps and special cable clothing for connection steering drivers with powerful components and sensors.

W.E.T GmbH
The firm was set up in year 2005. The firm is specialized on producing ultrafiltrations modules for modification drink water, pool technology and outfall water. Cooperation is based on representation this firm in Czech and Slovak republic and montage steering drivers for their products.

SSV2000 s.r.o.
This firm is engaged in precise engineering production. And we cooperating with this firm in innovation of old engineering machines (for example: milling cutters, cutters, etc.) and next we develop new products from automatical industry branch (for example: special pressers, parts counters, etc.).

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