Our story

Electrotechnics — it's ours!

The history of our family company began on April 5, 1995, when the newly established company began manufacturing automation equipment and switchboards for foreign companies. The foundation of the company was preceded by four-year foreign experience in various companies operating in the field of automation technology.

From the beginning, great emphasis was placed on the quality of execution and the maximum adaptation of the product to the customer's requirements. Thanks to this philosophy, the company gradually expanded and began to recruit.

5. 4. 1995

After the development of LED technology enabled the creation of full-fledged lights, the idea was to capitalize on the years of experience of my father, who worked as a designer of public lighting and power distribution. Together with him, a project office was created in our company.

We have focused on non-standard customer requirements with the ability to turn them into a turnkey light. For example, a "vandal-resistant" light or glare-free public lighting have been created. This is the added value our company is able to offer alongside classic projects.

Rising energy prices will force a person to think independently. One of the most affordable alternative energy sources for everyone is photovoltaic and solar systems. Exactly for this reason, our company became the holder of the international SOLARTEUR certificate in 2008. Obtaining the certificate required a six-month international Czech-German course, which was completed by an examination in Lengenfeld, Germany. The company's activities thus expanded to include the design and implementation of alternative energy sources, mainly in the field of energy savings in civil and industrial construction. As a result, we are able to offer the client a comprehensive lighting solution (lighting + photovoltaics) in places where it is not possible to export electricity, such as cottages in remote areas, observation towers, etc.

In the quest for independence, our company became the exclusive representative of the German company W.E.T. GmbH, which produces water treatment and transfer facilities. It currently offers ultrafiltration and pool technology, including anti-legionella equipment. This environmentally friendly technology has a German quality certificate. It is therefore a promising tool for alleviating the problems of lack of quality water that has plagued us in recent years.

The portfolio of our company, which offered to the client the creation of an optimal project of electric, communication and security distribution in the building with possible connection with high-quality LED lighting and energy savings thanks to photovoltaics, was expanded in 2018 to complete design of electric heating of buildings with the possibility of connection to smart house.

In 2016, collaboration with German automation partners moved to a higher level and gave rise to Richter & Los, s.r.o., a subsidiary of Richtersteuerungstechnik GmbH.

That same year, our company still had the honor to stand at the promising beginnings of electric swings. Massive wooden electric swings made by Hou-Hou-peto, a.s. impressed us so much that our company became their first dealer.

We look forward to working with you

Petr Los, founder of the company